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It takes a certain audacity to successfully start and grow a business, and the success of a business – especially a family owned business – can create all kinds of additional challenges, whether they are business, financial or personal.

To properly handle those challenges takes a different kind of advisor. It takes an advisor who’s not afraid to call it as it is, who’s mature enough to be able to work alongside other advisors (whether they be legal, accounting or investment experts), and has the experience to navigate family dynamics.

Your family has counted on your ingenuity, drive and courage to secure their financial well-being. Now they are counting on you to protect what you have built to ensure this continues for them and most importantly, for you.

Our Strategic Process

More advanced planning requires a more advanced process. Our Strategic Wealth Process takes a different kind of approach.


The Wealth Optimization System

Our Advisory Services

Incorporated professionals and owners of family businesses need access to a full suite of advisory services. We’ve brought them under one roof so that you have access the expertise you need, when you need it.

– Business Planning

– Personal Wealth Advice

– Financial Services



Reasons to Meet with Sandy

Insight and Outcome – Many planning strategies can overwhelm or paralyze business owners and self-employed professionals from taking any action. Confusion and complexity tend to result in the “do nothing for now” approach. Sandra believes that the basis for any successful solution, as it relates to financial independence and security, begins first and foremost with Discovery. She takes the time to understand what her clients value, what issues they’re facing, and what their goals matter to them. This provides clarity and sets the tone for clear recommendations and implementation. Gaining insight into what is important to you and clarifying the current circumstances reduces the complexity immensely. It delivers important insights that keep everyone focused on your values and goals.
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