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The Strategic Wealth Process™ is a Different Kind of Approach

There are financial advisors all over the world who approach planning with the good intention of presenting a specific strategy to deal with a specific situation. But we ask our clients to consider a different approach, and a different starting point: Discovery.

It takes time to understand you, what you want to accomplish and why you want to accomplish it. Starting by understanding your values and goals brings clarity so we can then determine how to help you deal with the issues that are brought to the table. We make the investment in time in order to really understand what matters to you.

Wealth Optimization System



The Strategic Wealth Process

The Strategic Wealth Process ™ is a four step process designed to help our clients uncover and address issues that could jeopardize their wealth, financial independence and well-being.

A Unique Approach to Planning

The Strategic Wealth Processbegins by focusing on “what and why” before addressing “how and who.” Until we’re clear on your Mission, Vision, Values and Goals, it will be difficult to provide appropriate advice.

Often times advice can be too centered on the strategies, tactics and tools, without taking into account what a person or family really cares about or wants to achieve. So, we’ve designed our Strategic Wealth Process™ to start with Discovery, before developing and implementing solutions, and then we circle back to your priorities to ensure that we stay in touch with what matters most to you. This not only leads to clarity and confidence, but most importantly, ensures you control what you have worked so hard to build.



Our process is values-based and goal driven. That means critical conversations are necessary before anyone can suggest a meaningful path forward or offer advice. Without knowing what’s important to you today, and getting a sense for what’s going to be important to you, your family and your business in the future, one would be hard-pressed to offer any relevant advice.

Our Discovery phase ensures that we deliver advice based on a shared understanding of what matters. It focuses on the “Why” of planning as we explore your Mission, Vision, Values and Goals, and creates the foundation for professional advice.



The second phase of our process is our Creative Solutions phase. We analyze the challenges and opportunities that have been uncovered in the Discovery phase, apply our models of analysis and forecasting, and identify appropriate options to solve those problems. Throughout this phase, your priorities are held as the reference point for the work we do so that the solutions are based entirely on your values and goals.


Strategy Deployment

The Implementation phase of our process is where you’ll make the important decisions about how best to move forward. Based on the advice that has been developed, and in the context of a thorough Discovery, you’ll be in the driver’s seat with the perspective, information and options you need. Upon your decisions, we’ll move into action, often times partnering with your existing advisors, such as accountants, lawyers, money managers and others. We play a “quarterbacking” role throughout the implementation so that all parties have a unified strategy to deliver on your goals.


Results Management

The final phase of The Strategic Wealth Process™ is designed to sustain the results. This is a process, not an event, and it will require attention into the future to ensure that your decisions have been fully implemented. Also, situations change over time, your desires may change over time and other circumstances may arise that need to be addressed. Regular annual review will help keep the advice in step with what’s important to you, and can adjust to any problems that may arise.

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