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Sandy Pollack

Depth of Expertise

Sandra has been having financial conversations with business owners and their families for over 20 years. Those hundreds of conversations have given her a deep expertise and solid awareness of the kinds of issues that her clients face and what can be done about it. Sandra understands the complexities that self-employed people face.

Thoughtful Approach

Providing comprehensive financial advice isn’t something to be done lightly. It requires the ability to handle the concrete issues of good analysis and strategic financial thinking while also confronting some of the more sensitive concerns of family and business dynamics. It must take into account how you want your wealth handled, what you want to see happen to your business and how to protect what you’ve worked hard to create. It also requires the ability to truly understand what the implications of the advice will be on each family member, on future generations, on business partners, and for senior employees. Sandra’s experience and high awareness allow her to thoughtfully and professionally support her clients as they deal with sensitive, long-term decisions while ensuring that their decisions are based on their values, priorities and goals.

The Big Picture

Our strength is working with business owners and self-employed professionals who find themselves navigating through the complexity of maintaining solid financial independence and security in the midst of tax pressures, business demands and family priorities. Understanding the potentially conflicting interests of the players involved is essential for successful entrepreneurs to continue to maintain control of what they have worked to build, while ensuring family financial security and harmony. It’s essential to understand the issues at hand – both apparent and hidden – and to take the time to discover the “what” and the “why” of how you arrived where you are today before launching into what changes or plans may need to be addressed.

Insight and Outcome

Many planning strategies can overwhelm or paralyze business owners and self-employed professionals from taking any action. Confusion and complexity tend to result in the “do nothing for now” approach. Sandra believes that the basis for any successful solution, as it relates to financial independence and security, begins first and foremost with Discovery. She takes the time to understand what her clients value, what issues they’re facing, and what goals matter to them. This provides clarity and sets the tone for clear recommendations and implementation. Gaining insight into what is important to you and clarifying the current circumstances reduces the complexity immensely. It delivers important insights that keep everyone focused on your values and goals.

Maintaining Control

When it comes to your financial decisions, it’s important that they be identifiable, understandable, clear, and most importantly, controlled and driven by you. We have a simple philosophy called “you first.” Our entire process and engagement is about you, and what’s important to you. We bring advice, process, expertise, deep client relationships and solutions, and you make the decisions; decisions that are clear, deliberate and driven by you.

Sandra Lives It

Sandra doesn’t just work with entrepreneurs, she lives it. Both of her parents were entrepreneurs, she has led her own business for decades, is married to a self-employed professional and has spent 28 years working with business owners and self-employed professionals; she simply understands. While each client situation is different, there are also many similarities. Sandra is sensitive to her clients’ unique needs and knows how to provide direction and clarity in order to help her clients make wise decisions.




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