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QuestionsA Few of the Many Questions Family Business Owners are Considering

Our clients know how to create financial independence, but they’re often wrestling with important questions. Our Strategic Wealth Process™ helps guide our clients to well-thought-out decisions based on a thorough Discovery and careful solutions design. Here are some of the common questions our clients are asking:

  1. How much capital do I need to achieve financial independence?
  2. How do I protect what I have worked so hard during the course of my lifetime to build?
  3. Is it wise to leave all of my wealth to my children?
  4. Is it wise to leave the business to my children?
  5. Is there a tax-smart way to pass the business onto the next generation that doesn’t cost a fortune or risk my financial security and independence?
  6. Should I consider leaving a family legacy? When? How much?
  7. I have been underpaying myself for years and reinvesting profits in the company to ensure its long-term success. How can I ensure financial independence for myself without having to depend on the future profits of the business?
  8. What’s “fair”? How do I rationalize passing the business onto one child who wants to manage, while my other children are not active participants in the business?
  9. How can I guarantee the business will be able to carry on without me while ensuring my financial security and maintaining family harmony?
  10. If something happens to me, how do I ensure that my family will be taken care of? Does the plan make sense? Will there be enough money?
  11. Do my Wills, Corporate Structure, etc. reflect my values, my family’s values and address my family’s overall financial security?
  12. How can I continue to derive meaning and pleasure from what I do without the pressure of being 100% owner? How can I continue to engage with the business, but have the freedom to come and go as I please?
  13. If I die unexpectedly, will my partners be able to pay my family fairly and promptly for my shares?




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